November 15, 2011
I’ll stand by you.

I’ll never forget when i learned to ride a bike on my own without training wheels, don’t you? if you analyze this little success you had at a young age you discover a lot about yourself. at the tender age of 9 my uncle who was the only father i ever knew took me down to the boardwalk of staten island with the view of the varezanno bridge. at first he took one training wheel off and i rode my bicycle lopsided for quite sometime. eventually he took my little safety net uni-training wheel off the right if my bicycle and i was terrified. i still remember thinking ill never be able to balance this bike. so for about a half hour my dad ran behind me holding the seat while i was strapped with a helmet, elbow, and knee pads. I was riding and it felt lighter, i felt free but i turned around and found my dad a few feet behind me with a proud smile on his face and i fell right over. as my father ran over his smile stayed plastered on his face. I’m sure many girls have experience this moment, but have you ever stopped to think how much this actually meant? your parents let you go as you grow up one training wheel at a time. they are there as long as you need them. they teach you what you need to know to ba